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Since the establishment of the campaign by the late Mr. Mehdi Sayed Sharaf in 1953 was called the campaign of Mr. Mehdi, has gained its position at the level of the Arabian Gulf through sincere dedication to serve pilgrims and visitors and find the appropriate taste of the pilgrim services and the level of ambition and pride to be servants to visitors The Bekaa.
We have always sought to develop:
The first of the Gulf campaigns in terms of providing services in Arafat and from the health facilities and drinking water where the lack of services at the time.
The first Gulf campaign settled hotels in Medina during the largest pilgrimage.
The first Bahraini campaign moved Al-Haji Al-Khaliji from areas of traffic and buildings not prepared for housing in Mecca to the less crowded and healthier areas.
The first campaign used open buses instead of lorry to transport pilgrims.
She was still full of a group of great scholars of religious guidance and was called the campaign of the scientific estate of the great scholars.
The late Mr. Mehdi left several cadres who have embarked on private campaigns.
Today, what the parents did was the children's delight. We are the first Bahraini campaign to create the holy Mashhad program (Bahrain / Mashhad / Bahrain).
Our policy is always to demonstrate the difficulties and innovate everything that is new to visit the pure and pure Bekaa.
Ask us about the parents, they will tell you about us and our services ,,